NDIS Community Participation QLD

The Benefits of Community Participation

St Jude’s recognises that community participation and engagement activities allow people with disabillity to have a voice. It also aids in bringing forth personal and professional opportunities and relationships.

Through our community participation plans, we help NDIS participants improve both their independence and overall wellbeing.

The goal of our community consultation and support services is to help people with disability reach their peak potential, and we do this by focusing on what matters most – meeting the needs of each individual client in order for them to achieve their personal goals and interests.

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Access To Supportive Community Services

St Jude’s NDIS team is dedicated to helping your loved ones have a presence in their community.

Our goal is to support our clients in participating and getting involved in community events by providing them with a support worker, means of transportation and appropriate care services depending on their needs. We pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive support possible so every participant can have an enjoyable, fulfilling life.

We understand that safety and comfort are vital, so our support workers are dedicated to helping you all throughout the program. You will be paired up based on what’s best for both of you, so they can connect you with the appropriate local organisations depending on your interests and goals.

They’ll guide you from community consultation and assessment to implementation, so they’ll understand what community activities will best suit your situation, including the following:

  • Training and education
  • Recreation
  • Arts, crafts, and sports
  • Social support
  • Personal development activities
  • Employment training and skills preparation
  • Transport, assisted travel, and travel aids
  • Others, such as home care and therapy
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The St Jude’s Way

St Jude’s provides NDIS support services and funding support for people with physical or mental disability. We help participants live better lives by encouraging and supporting them to become productive members of society.

Our community engagement team and disability support workers are well-versed, and fully qualified in their field of expertise, so our clients receive the most personalised care from people whose skills and knowledge match their individual needs.

With St Jude’s:

  • There are no waitlists. We are eager to provide services immediately, and our support services are available for eligible participants right away.
  • We provide transport assistance. For participants with physical disability and are in need of transportation support, we provide accessible vehicles to come pick you up and drop you off at your preferred location.
  • You have the opportunity to pick the most compatible support worker for you. We pride ourselves on giving our clients access to a team that best suits their needs, interests, and goals. Every participant takes part in the decision-making process, so the team can address the important issues and implement strategies to help the client thrive in their community.
  • There is no minimum funding requirement. We don’t require a minimum funding plan and we can customise our services, activity hours and schedule based on your preference and convenience.
  • We celebrate diversity. St Jude’s offers inclusive services regardless of your age, gender, race, and diagnosis. We have worked with a diverse range of clients over the past years, and we can also work seamlessly with non-English speaking participants through our Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS).
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Why Choose St Jude’s?

Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, and we work closely with families and carers to ensure that they receive the best support. This includes patient and family education, physical support, and personalised plan of care.

St Jude’s believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to be an active member of the society to enrich their personal and professional connections. The ultimate goal of our community participation service is to help our clients become self-sufficient, not only allowing them to explore various opportunities, but also reduce the cost of long-term care.

NDIS-Registered Community Services Provider in Queensland

We are proud to be an NDIS-registered disability support services provider.

We offer a range of community engagement and support services that are designed to help people with disability reach their full potential and lead a satisfactory life.

If you or someone you know is looking for social and NDIS community participation QLD, contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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Our Testimonials

“Overall, we’ve been really happy with St Jude’s. They look after our son’s needs and the staff make him laugh.”

Greg, Accommodation Services Client

“My support workers are wonderful. They read me well, understand my needs and are informed and helpful.”

Tanya, Community Services Client

“I was extremely happy with my introduction to St Jude’s professional and experienced service. The service was delivered promptly and support was always at hand to navigate my way through the NDIS.”

Trudy, Support Coordination Services Client

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