Meet the team | Speech Pathologist Hasya

St Jude’s is very excited to introduce our new speech pathologist Hasya. Hasya has already begun her work, albeit in a lockdown week. Hasya will be working in the Perth metro area and can work with both children and adults, Hasya is highly accomplished and can speak several languages. We asked Hasya some questions about her career so far and what it has been like working at St Jude’s. 

headshot of hasya

What made you decide to work as a Speech Pathologist?

I have always been interested in languages and have been very appreciative of different cultures. Growing up, I was exposed to different cultures at a very early age – from friends, travelling and living abroad in different countries. Throughout the process, I realised that communication, may it be in different languages and gestures, assisted me in connecting with other people and getting to know their background. Additionally, with a personal experience in Physiotherapy – that helped me gain an independent life, I figured that giving back what I received would be a fulfilling objective in life. Hence, integrating the two made it fit for a profession as a Speech Pathologist.

What is the highlight of working as a Speech Pathologist for you?

The highlight of working as a Speech Pathologist, was when I did my Paediatric placement in a school setting. It was a fulfilling experience witnessing and being a part of a milestone achievement in the client’s literacy development.

Can you share an achievement you’ve experienced in your career?

I conducted two different comprehensive assessments – for adult and paediatric, independently and completed the adult assessment report in 4 hours on the same day, at one sitting – as I had limited time frame. It was intense and an overwhelming experience, however looking back at it, it was an achievement to be able to complete the tasks assigned to me in a designated time frame.

What is something you have enjoyed about working at St Jude’s so far?

I love that it is a dynamic therapy team, which means I could gain new knowledge every day and upskill my skills continuously. Of course, meeting and working with other therapists and team members, they have been helpful and friendly.

Can you provide a snapshot into what a day at work looks like for you?

I have just started working with St. Jude’s, and currently with the current pandemic situation, my typical work day from home begins at 9am, with replying to emails and messages from team members, client’s carers and to complete work or tasks assigned to me.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: 

I de-stress and find comfort in solving puzzles and playing the Piano. I also love numbers, so my favourite puzzle to solve is Sudoku. It is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. I feel calm and relax doing these two things, as I could let my mind wander off, without having to day-dream. I also love listening to music and my top genres are R&B/Soul, Alternative/Indie, Pop and Classical/Instrumental music.

I am also a multilingual – I speak Malay, English and could professionally converse in Indonesian. My appreciation for languages has motivated me to self-teach a language. I believe that language is a powerful tool in connecting people and to further understand their culture and background. Currently, I could comprehend and converse in basic/elementary level Korean. In the future, one of my goals is to earnestly learn Mandarin and Japanese formally.

I also belong to the 10% of the population for being a left-hander.

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