Message from the Managing Director

Dear staff,

As the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to develop, there is no doubt it will put us all through a test. We are going through an uncertain period of how things will unfold in the months to come. There are hundreds of people experiencing unprecedented challenges due to either their illness or unemployment.
We have taken every measure to limit potential risk to our employees and clients. However, as you can appreciate every one of us has an important role in protecting our clients, colleagues, our families and ourselves. Social distancing and other preventative measures are imperative in the days to come. At the organisational level, we are implementing several strategies to protect our employees, clients and stakeholders, and you will hear from Ann Johnson as well as from your Manager about our updates regularly.

Together we continue to remain agile in the face of evolving circumstances, responsive to the issues as they present and resilient in the face of unprecedented adversity. With the great support of our management team, I am confident we can continue to provide services to our clients, which is paramount to keep many people in a job.

As an employee of St Jude’s and Carers Plus regardless of the job title, you play an important role to overcome this difficult period. I would like to specifically acknowledge our front-line employees for their ongoing commitment and support. The management, Phil Pusey and I are committed to ensuring support is provided to you in every possible way. I thank you for your continued efforts during this challenging time. Stay well!

Kind regards,

Binu Joseph | Managing Director

Binu Joseph