Meet the team | Physiotherapist Camille

Meet Camille! Camille works as a Physiotherapist for St Jude’s Disability Services and works with a diverse range of clients with varied goals. Read more about Camille’s experience as a Physiotherapist and with St Jude’s.

What made you decide to work as a Physiotherapist?

I’ve always enjoyed being active and setting physical goals for myself to work towards. When I have worked hard and achieve one of my goals I feel really empowered. Physiotherapy is a profession that allows me to assist other people to achieve their goals and feel that same sense of empowerment.

What have you experienced working as a Physiotherapist so far?

I personally have a background in aged care working mainly with people with neurological impairments, chronic lung conditions or post orthopaedic surgery. However, physiotherapy is a great profession that allows you to apply your set of skills to the client in front of you. I am really enjoying transitioning my previously learnt skills into the disability sector whilst also learning new skills.

What is a highlight from working as a Physiotherapist?

I love that “YES” moment when your client achieves something they have been working towards for the first time. It can be as simple as straightening their leg out for the first time after a knee operation or walking a set distance that enables them to get to the shops.

What is something you have enjoyed about working with St Jude’s so far?

I really enjoy working with the other therapist’s at St Jude’s. Everyone has come from different professional backgrounds therefore they can each offer a different perspective on the same scenario. Working with them helps to develop my own skills and helps shape my own professional growth.

Can you provide a snapshot into what your day at work looks like for you?

A typical day for me involves heading into the St Jude’s office first thing to respond to any relevant emails or gather any equipment I might need for the day. After that I hit the road and drive from client to client. Most days are varied, they might include a hydrotherapy session at the local pool, a home visit to review a home exercise program or a school visit to work with the client and their teachers / education assists.

What’s a memorable achievement you have enjoyed in your career so far?

My most memorable experience came whilst I was a final year physiotherapy student on a neurology placement. I was working with an individual who had just had a stroke and was unable to fully weight bear through their legs to walk. To assist them to achieve their goal of walking we used a ceiling hoist and harness to start to retrain their gait. It was a great experience to see how a client, therapist and assistive technology can all work together.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I really enjoy hiking. I have hiked from Collie to Pemberton (250km) along the Bibbulmun Track in small sections, in the future I hope to travel to Nepal and hike up to base camp or around Annapurna.

To get in touch with Camille or speak with our Therapy team, contact us on (08) 9279 4343 or email