The Benefits Of School Holiday Programs For Children With Disability

Benefits Of School Holiday Programs For Children

To make the most of their time away from school, many children with or without disability parktake in school holiday programs to enjoy themselves, engage socially with other children and perhaps learn a new skill.

Children with disabilities must have the same opportunities to lead carefree lives as their peers, which is why it is important for there to be school holiday programs available which cater for children with various forms of disability.

Giving kids with disabilities the chance to play with their peers can allow them to improve and build on their life skills.

Alongside usual excursions with you and your family, it is highly beneficial to involve your child in collaborative activities with other children. It can really help them to make remarkable strides in their progress, especially when it comes to their social skills. Playing with other kids and making new friends teaches children, especially those with disabilities, more about sharing, cooperating, and understanding other people’s feelings.

Ways Children With Disability Can Benefit From School Holiday Programs

There are numerous benefits for your child with a disability to partake in a school holiday program, and there are numerous programs to cater for different types of disabilities or needs that your child may have. Some of the general benefits include:

  • Better fine and gross motor skills
  • Improved communication skills
  • Developing better emotional and social skills
  • Sensory and motor development
  • Practicing planning and problem-solving techniques
  • Language and conversation skills
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved independence
  • Refining patience skills – turn taking

Children can learn a lot from being engaged socially in the presence of others, particularly others who face similar struggles which they do. It provides them the opportunity to meet new faces and make new friends, which has huge positive benefits for their sense of belonging and self esteem.
It also allows them to work collaboratively with other children towards a mutual goal, which is fantastic for developing their problem-solving and concentration skills.

School Holiday Programs 2022 At St Jude’s

If you haven’t planned anything yet and are looking for unique and interactive activities for your children with disabilities, look no further than our one-of-a-kind school holiday programs. Our specialists have developed engaging and inventive exercises to keep your children busy and stimulated.

A St. Jude’s team of NDIS physiotherapists, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists have collaborated together in order to develop these two unique school holiday programs for kids with disability.

Busy Bodies Early Childhood Program: A Specialised Program For Children Aged 2–6

Busy Bodies Early Childhood Program

This school holiday program for children is unlike any other learning experience. Instead of focusing on a single area of study, this method incorporates aspects of multiple fields into one cohesive curriculum. It consists of a fun-filled session where children will engage with a series of games/activies in small groups of up to five children.

This multidisciplinary therapy approach is ideal for all children, particularly those with learning disabilities. As they participate in various fun activities, your kids will learn about different things from different points of view.

A therapist will oversee the session and incorporate the kids’ individual therapy objectives into each activity.

Both of these programs are eligible for NDIS funding for any child with an NDIS plan.

Busy Bodies: Program Details
Duration: September 27 to October 5, 2022
Activity time: 9:30 am –11:30 am
Venue: Centenary Park Community Centre, located at 105 Daly Street, Belmont, Western Australia, 6104
Cost: $155.19 per session
Note: There is the option to attend this program for one-week or for a two-week duration. This program is eligible for NDIS funding support.

Lego Workshop: A Structured Program for Kids with Autism and Other Learning Disabilities (aged 6–12)

Lego Workshop

Putting these little bricks together with care and precision improves hand-eye coordination and strengthens fine motor skills. On the other hand, picking up LEGO pieces with their fingers develops muscles and abilities that your child may need when holding and controlling a pencil to write or draw.

Participating in a structured and guided workshop by an expert speech pathologist and occupational therapist can motivate autistic children to practice their social interaction and communication skills.

Lego Workshop’s Advantages

Though initially intended for children with autism and learning disabilities, St. Jude’s Lego Workshop is now open to all children with an NDIS plan wanting to improve their social and communication skills.

Creativity, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving are some of the transferrable ‘soft skills’ your children can acquire through this session.

The best part is that as a parent, you are welcome to sit in and observe your children.

Lego Workshop Details:
Duration: September 27 to October 5, 2022
Time: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Venue: Centenary Park Community Centre, located at 105 Daly Street, Belmont, Western Australia, 6104
Cost: $155.19 per session
Note: Plenty of parking is available on-site. This program is eligible for NDIS funding support. Children are welcome to attend week 1, week 2, or both.

Advocating for Children with Special Needs

As an advocate for children with special needs, St. Jude’s has created these unique school holiday programs especially catered for children with disability, with their individual therapy goals in mind.

So what are you waiting for? Enquire now to book and give your child something to look forward to these upcoming school holidays!

If you have any questions about our school holiday programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (08) 9279-4343. You can also email us at