The top rated choice in Disability Accommodation

Your home is where your heart is, your choice for disability accommodation can’t be a lightly made decision. At St Jude’s, we’re not just a Health Care service with a bricks and mortar offering, our homes are filled with traditional values, warmth, laughter and  of course the customised support and living preferences which suit our customer’s needs.

St Jude’s trusted Disability Accommodation is a top rated NDIS service. The options for disability accommodation include a range of flexible and immediate short-term accommodation and respite care options across Western Australia, including the Perth metropolitan and South West regions.

St Jude’s is fully aware of the needs of our clients living with a disability, along with their family and carer’s needs. This is why we have created the accessibility to provide respite and short-term disability accommodation in an emergency, with a variety of accommodation options available immediately, including both individual and group accommodation. Respite care can also be provided in the comfort of your own home.

Disability accommodation in Perth

Living Room

Living Room

To meet both the client’s needs and those of their families or care-givers, we are available to provide short term accommodation and respite care for as little as a few hours or for a couple of weeks. A minimum duration period is not needed to access our disability accommodation services, as we know how important it is to remain flexible and available to our customers. There is no wait list for any client wanting to access any form of our Disability Accommodation, as we will provide to your needs.

Whether you opt to stay at one of our homes, in-home or in holiday accommodation, you will also have access to our experienced team of support workers who can provide assistance with your daily needs during this time, including but not limited to the provision of personal care, nursing, meals, transport, therapy and community and social participation. Support can be provided 24/7 or on a drop in basis, as required. Apart from our team of dedicated Disability Support Workers, the St Jude’s team also includes Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and further professional supports, which contribute to our client’s daily and lifestyle needs.

St Jude’s Disability Accommodation can also offer support surrounding holiday accommodation. Depending on your level of NDIS funding, your accommodation, meals, transport and entertainment may be covered.

Our Disability Accommodation provides a variety of options and accommodation needs a client can choose from. Clients can customise their accommodation to suit their individual needs. This holistic customisation approach supports not just their day-to-day functions but also their mental health, confidence and independence.

Disability Accommodation Options

Disability Accommodation

Kitchen With Living Room


In total, St Jude’s has more than 40 high support accommodation options, which are home to our diverse range of clients- and the number of homes increase as needs arise. We acquire new homes for clients each month, as we always strive to support their preferences and choice of where they wish to live. The clients needs underpin every decision we make at St Jude’s furnishing their disability accommodation requirements and core emotional and physical needs. That is why when it comes to making an accommodation choice decision, we make it simple and take the hard work out, as you are assured of:

  • Accommodation Options – we provide a large range of options,  from individual, group, holiday, transitional and accessible
  • Locations – our houses are located conveniently across metropolitan Perth and WA’s South West and continually expanding to suit our clients
  • Flexibility– we have accommodation options available immediately and do not require a minimum stay time. You can use our service for a handful of hours or a matter of weeks.
  • A home that feels like home– our accommodation has been carefully designed to feel homely and look aesthetically pleasing, whilst catering for a range of psycho-social and physical disabilities.
  • Access to Additional Support– St Jude’s diverse disability services means our clients can access additional support including supported independent living, community participation, travel assistance, therapy and support coordination
  • Drop In Support– we understand that you may not require 24/7 support, and are proud to offer our drop in service, providing only the amount of support you require to maximise your independence.
  • St Jude’s are also registered with the Translating and Interpreting (TIS) Service, allowing us to work with non-English speaking clients
Disability Accommodation Perth


St Jude’s Health Services

With this many options providing to the individual needs of a client, the decision to make St Jude’s Health Services your choice in Disability Accommodation, is an easy one. Families and carers of a person living with a disability will be heartened to know that the St Jude’s team is always on hand to ensure that their loved one is living their best life.

If there is not an option that meets your preferred location or requirements, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We would be always happy to help with your disability accommodation needs .