Using NDIS Funding to access Disability Service Providers

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia’s government funding scheme, available to those who have recognised disability. This scheme commenced in Australia during 2016 and is expected to continue for at least another five years in order to achieve the outcomes set out by the NDIS Act. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), an independent statutory agency, are responsible for rolling out the NDIS.

National Disability Insurance Schema

It is estimated that 4.3 million Australian have a disability and over the next five years, more than $22 Billion will be accessed by 500,000 Australians with permanent and significant disability, which can be used to achieve the principles of the NDIS Act. These include:

  • Supporting the independence of people with disability
  • Increasing social and economic participation of people with disability
  • Enabling people with disability to have choice and control toward the pursual of their goals and their choice in service provider

Am I eligible for NDIS funding?

There is of course an eligibility criteria for those looking to obtain NDIS funding. To become a participant of the scheme, you must:

  • Be less than 65 years old when you first access the NDIS
  • Be an Australian citizen, hold a permanent visa or a Protected Special Category visa
  • Live in a part of Australia where the NDIS is now available
  • Have a permanent disability that significantly affects your ability to take part in everyday activities or a developmental delay

This last criteria point is the most crucial that the NDIA will evaluate when determining your eligibility. The NDIS defines permanent and significant disability as:

…your disability is likely to be lifelong. A significant disability has a substantial impact on your ability to complete everyday activities.’

The NDIS will also review whether you usually require support from either a family member, carer or other caregiver, or require the use of special equipment to allow you to complete everyday tasks you would otherwise not be able to do yourself. It will also be determined whether receiving support now will work toward building your skills and independence in order to reduce the need for ongoing support in the future from disability service providers. 

If you meet the above criteria, applications must be made directly to the NDIS. There are multiple methods of applying, including:

  • Via phone
  • Via email
  • Submitting a form
  • Via the use of a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) – an LAC can help you complete this form
  • Direct to the NDIA office

What can I use my funding for?

The NDIS funds a range of supports that can be delivered by disability service providers. This includes:

  • Support with daily personal tasks and household tasks
  • Transportation
  • Appropriate accommodation options
  • Community, social and economic participation
  • Assistance in the workplace
  • Therapeutic Support
  • Skill development
  • Mobility equipment

The type of support you can receive will be determined by the NDIA, who evaluate your circumstances and goals in order to plan for the achievement of such.

St. Judes is a registered NDIS service provider in Perth WA, helping people with disability to live the life they want to live. With over 35 years experience as one of Perth’s most trusted disability service providers, we are proud to provide a broad range of NDIS Perth services locally and in regional parts of WA.


Our disability services include:

  • Permanent disability accommodation
    • SDA – Specialist Disability Accommodation
    • ILO – Independent Living Options 
    • SIL – Supported Individual Living
    • Drop-In Support – a flexible, person centred service that derives from Core Funding and does not require an NDIS quote for approval.
  • Short term, medium term and respite accommodation
  • Community Participation
  • In-home support
  • Therapeutic Services
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Speech Pathology
    • Psychology
    • Nursing
  • Support Coordination including Psychosocial recovery coaching

Our NDIS disability services are designed to help develop and build on your abilities and interests, enhance your social and life skills, and help you to live an independent, fulfilling life. We keep your plan outcomes top of mind when planning and delivering our support services, measuring ourselves against how well you are progressing toward gaining independence to do the things you love. 

NDIS Funding Renewals and Review

With measurable, goal focused outcomes at the heart of all NDIS plans, as you progress with your support, it is likely that your support needs will change over time. 

Six to twelve weeks before your plan is due to cease, a review process will commence with your disability service providers in the form of reporting and evaluating your progress. This is also an opportunity for providers to make recommendations for your future needs and identify any changes in your circumstances which may alter the type and amount of support required.

A renewal meeting is held with an NDIA planner and you can of course ask someone to accompany you, including disability service providers. In order to best prepare for this meeting, it is good to have a think about some of the following:

  • What has and has not worked well
  • Whether your goals have been achieved
  • What other support you may need to achieve your goals
  • Are you satisfied with how your NDIS funding is being managed

In the event that you require a plan review before the specified plan end date, there is a review process available to participants. This may be brought on due to a change in your circumstances that have significantly affected the support you require from disability service providers. Examples include a change in your disability needs, a change in the care able to be provided by your support network, changes to your living arrangement or changes to your job. A Support Coordinator, an LAC or family member or carer can assist you to complete the required form.

St Jude’s are proud to support over 2000 clients to use their NDIS Perth funding as efficiently and effectively as possible, in order to ensure clients can grow their independence and achieve their goals. If you’d like to learn more about our services, simply call us on (08) 9279 4343 or email