Respite Care

St Jude’s accommodation portfolio has grown significantly over the last ten years, in order to meet the needs and preferences of clients we support. We have over 50 welcoming, aesthetically pleasing homes in accessible and convenient locations, surrounded by amenities so suit the lifestyles of clients.

Many of our accommodation options are available for clients who require respite care. NDIS respite services may be required for a broad range of reasons:

  • You may be in an emergency situation 
  • Your primary caregiver may not be able to care for you for a period of time
  • You may be transitioning between accommodation options
  • You may be experiencing a key transitional life change
  • You may be requiring accommodation for a holiday

At St Jude’s, we recognise the needs of clients and primary caregivers and are therefore proud to offer respite care Perth wide for new and existing clients. Respite care is considered important by the NDIS as it recognises that often, a primary caregiver may need to take a break for a variety of reasons. The NDIS swish to ensure that the needs of primary, often unpaid caregivers of a person with disability need to be supported, which in turn works to support a person with disability. 

We have a range of homes and locations available, including many new rooms in our lovely new complex situated in Midland. 

With our accommodation comes the option for care from our dedicated team of support workers. We are available to meet your care needs 24/7 and have capacity for 2:1 or 3:1 support.

At St Jude’s, we pride ourselves in offering a highly flexible, person centred service and this extends to our NDIS respite services. Whether you need respite care for a few hours a day, a few days a week or even a matter of weeks, we are committed to assisting you. 

We work with all NDIS funded participations and clients can offer a broad range of our services:

  • Respite care for adults with disability
  • Respite care for children with disability
  • Short term accommodation
  • Permanent accommodation (including SIL, ILO and Drop-in Support)
  • 24/7 support
  • Domestic assistance
  • Community participation
  • Therapeutic services 

Respite typically may only be allowed for a maximum of 14 days by the NDIS. For longer arrangements, it may be better to inspect whether Short Term Accommodation (STA) or Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) are more suitable. 

At St Jude’s, we have capacity for STA and MTA, so will work with you to establish the support you will need in order to find a suitable accommodation solution for you. 

To learn more about our respite care and our accommodation services, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on (08) 9279 4343 or simply email

Respite Care
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