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Guildford Village

Nestled in beautiful, historic Guildford, St Jude’s has a premium aged care facility that is always filled with warmth and laughter. Guildford Village is one of the top-rated aged care facilities in Perth, offering high-quality accommodation, 24-hour care and a full suite of premium services for those who are no longer able to live in their own home. With our extensive range of services, and highly personalised care, you will find that the quality of residential aged care offered by St Jude’s is unmatched.

Our Guildford aged care facility is suited to anyone who is eligible for residential aged care, including those requiring dementia and palliative care. Guildford Village is one of the leading dementia-specific, high-care aged care homes in Perth, with thoughtfully designed facilities to cater for people with dementia and an in-house team of dementia experts to care for residents. We also offer a wide range of services to assist with residents’ daily needs, complimented by a diverse activity and lifestyle programme.

Guildford Village Club House

Guildford Village Club House is a premium aged care facility designed to deliver an exceptional residential experience through our aesthetically pleasing architecture and our unparalleled specialist care services.

Guildford Village Club House offers beautifully designed, stunning spaces with private suites, refreshing gardens, large lounge areas and a five stars-styled bar for our residents. The spaces are smartly designed to encourage an engaging and stimulating environment for the residents. We have also designed relaxing corners across the facility for the residents to enjoy quiet time, emotionally recharge, meditate or chat with fellow residents and visitors.

At Guildford Village Club House, residents also get to enjoy outdoor time at our refreshing lush green gardens where they get to relax or indulge in a fun activity organised by our team. All guests residing at the Guilford Village Club Suites have access to private dining, lounge and activity rooms, the Club restaurant providing first-class meal choices, the exclusive private club bar offering complimentary premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, secure landscaped sensory gardens, a central garden courtyard as well as the hair and wellbeing studio.

Guildford Village Club House offers a range of accommodations to provide bespoke services that the residents require. While our high-end Club Premier Suites offer services that encompass luxury living and accommodate double occupancy, our Club Suites provide comfort with style for single occupancy.

The Premier Club Suites

The Premier Club Suites at Guildford Village Club House are designed to redefine luxury living. Our Premier Suites offer extra-large spaces for those seeking world-class amenities and premium services choosing to live by themselves or with their companion. Each suite is thoughtfully furnished to create a stimulating, yet calming atmosphere for our residents through our art collections, use of pleasant colour tones and the overview of aesthetically marvellous orchard gardens.

  1. Option to choose Single or Double occupancy, ideal for couples
  2. Large spacious rooms with large ensuite bathroom
  3. Private doors that opens to an exclusive courtyard and a private garden
  4. Remote-controlled beds 
  5. Private mini fridge
  6. Bespoke timber cabinetry and functional built-in wardrobe
  7. Large flat screen TV
  8. Comfortable, modern lounge for 2-3 visitors
  9. Large spacious ensuite with floor-to-ceiling premium tile fittings
  10. Opulent glassware and flatware
  11. Access to the private dining area, lounge and an exclusive club bar 
  12. 24/7 support Nursing care
  13. Nurse call system 
  14. Reverse cycle air conditioning with control systems for individual rooms
  15. Powder-coated privacy screens 
  16. Heated lights for bathroom
  17. Large communal areas for shared activities
  18. Exclusive on-site parking for guests
  19. Access to fast internet and Wi-Fi facility
  20. In house laundry service
  21. Movement sensors for light operations

The Club Suites

From premium tiles and marbles to soft high-quality bed linens, the club suites have been curated with a touch of luxury in every aspect of the suite. While some of the Club Suites have direct access to our private, secure garden courtyard , a few of our Club Suites offer a view of our aesthetically landscaped gardens, and a few rooms are fitted with large windows overlooking different sections of the facility. Every room has something different to offer.

  1. Remote-controlled beds with built-in hoist tracks
  2. Private mini fridge
  3. Bespoke timber cabinetry and functional built-in wardrobe
  4. Large flat screen TV
  5. Comfortable modern lounge 
  6. Large spacious ensuite with floor-to-ceiling elegant tile fittings
  7. Premium glassware and flatware
  8. Access to a private dining lounge area and an exclusive club bar 
  9. 24/7 support Nursing care
  10. Nurse calling system 
  11. Reverse cycle air conditioning 
  12. Call bell on bed frame
  13. In-house laundry service
  14. Access to fast internet and Wi-Fi facility

Our Guildford Village Residence

The St Jude’s aged care home in Perth is a purpose-built facility, with three cluster homes, each accommodating up to 10 residents and designed to house a small group of people with their own living and dining areas. This configuration enables us to give personalised care in a homely environment while allowing residents to enjoy both privacy and independence in a communal setting.

Our aged care residence is much more than just the buildings, as we also created a welcoming and relaxing outdoor area so that residents can live a fulfilling lifestyle. The spacious outdoor areas include beautiful gardens that create a calming, peaceful environment, and give residents a pleasant view from their home.

The common areas enjoy stunning views of landscapes that have been designed to promote visual and aromatic stimulus for residents. Our residents use these outdoor spaces to enjoy quiet time for themselves, emotionally recharge, meditate, or chat with visitors and fellow residents. The outdoor area is also a hub for the various activities we provide for the enjoyment of our residents.

Room features:

  • Remote controlled, adjustable bed, fitted with a quality bedspread and bedding
  • Spacious ensuite
  • Large, built-in wardrobe
  • Comfy armchair
  • Lockable bedside table
  • Nurse call bell
  • Reverse cycle air conditioner

We offer a range of in-house and external services, as well as a diverse activity and lifestyle program. Our residents have various options available, so they can engage as much or as little as they like with our staff and the other residents.

Our services include:

  • Exclusive Bar (Guildford Village Club House)
  • Hair Salon (Guildford Village Club House)
  • Fire place(Guildford Village Club House)
  • Activity Space for mental and physical wellbeing (Guildford Village Club House)
  • Private Car Parking for guests (Guildford Village Club House)
  • Private Gardens (Guildford Village Club House)
  • Bed making
  • Laundry services
  • Cleaning and domestic supports
  • Four season menu
  • Special diets (cultural and prescribed diet options available)
  • Tea and coffee making facilities.
  • Nurse Call Systems

Guildford Village Options

Our aged care packages are unique, as each is custom-designed to your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for a low-care nursing home, or an intensive service, high-care option which specialises in dementia – the friendly team at St. Jude’s are here to assist you with finding the perfect solution for your needs.

Guildford Village Costs

he fees and charges for Guildford Village vary according to your individual circumstances and are determined by the Department of Health. We recommend speaking to your accountant or financial adviser, and referring to the government’s “My Aged Care” website to find out an estimate of what your nursing home costs would be. You can also contact us if you want our team to show you our fee schedule.

So, if you are looking for aged care homes in Perth, then St Jude’s is the best choice. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your future.

Residential Aged Care Fees

The fees and charges are determined by the Department of Health based on your ability to pay and individual circumstances at time of admission. Your admission options at Guildford Village can vary greatly based on your individual circumstances.

We recommend speaking to your Financial Adviser as we can only provide basic information. You will find further information about the aged care fees and charges on the Government’s “My Aged Care” website.

Our external, independent living home-care services are charged on a per service basis. Contact our friendly team today for more information on our service offerings and charges.

All residents in aged care, including people seeking respite care are required to pay a basic daily fee as a contribution towards living expenses. The daily fee for all residents equates to 85% of the basic single age pension.

This is a lump sum payment for accommodation in an aged care home and is fully refundable when you leave the residence. This is the price of a room, in lump sum form, that residents have agreed to pay with the provider. Residents can pay the RAD in full or they can pay via a combination of RAD and a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP).

The RAD in full is:

  • Guildford Village: $550,000
  • The Club Suites: $650,000
  • The Premier Club Suites: $800,000
The DAP is calculated as a daily cost that is charged fortnightly or monthly if the RAD has not been paid
in full. For example, if the RAD on a room is $550,000 and not paid, then the resident will pay $125.67 as a DAP (based on the 8.34% interest rate – which is subject to change by the Government).
The resident can elect to pay a combination of RAD and DAP. For example, on a room with a RAD of $550,000, the resident can pay $300,000 upfront and the remaining $250,000 as a DAP. In this scenario, the DAP would be $57.12 per day (this is based on the 8.34% interest rate – which is subject to change by the Government).

Residents (other than respite residents) may be asked to pay a care co-contribution fee depending on their income and their assets. The Government sets the amount a resident must pay direct to the aged care provider and reduces the care subsidies paid to the provider by the same amount.

Upon leaving the residence, the refundable deposit will be refunded in full, as long as it was not agreed for any amounts to be deducted from the refundable deposit – in which case it would be the balance that would be refunded. Amounts that can be deducted against the refundable deposit are the care co-contribution, the DAP, and additional benefits.

Where the resident requests or agrees to additional services being provided (such as newspapers, alcoholic drinks, additional outings etc.), these can be charged to their monthly account.

The Government provides care subsidies to ensure all residents receive the same standard of care in the residence.

A Resident Agreement protects both parties by formalising arrangements upon admission. As the Government determines fees after admission, the Resident Agreement refers to the maximum amount that could be charged for the various fees and charges.

Regular Statements
Statements are issued early in each month and relate to the full month.

Direct Debit Transfer
Direct Debit is the preferred method of payment given it is processed fortnightly or monthly from the account into which any pension is paid.

Other Payment Methods
We accept Bank Transfer and Cheque payments. We are not able to provide Credit Card or BPAY payment facilities.

  • 32-34 Swan St East Guildford WA 6055

Brokers & Placement Consultants

At Bethania Gardens we greatly value our relationship with aged care brokers and placement consultants. We know how much your clients rely on you to help them find exactly the right nursing home for their unique needs.

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