Guildford Village:
A Premium Nursing Home in Perth

Nestled in beautiful historic Guildford we provide an aged care home with traditional values, warmth and laughter.Guildford Village is one of the top-rated nursing homes in Perth, offering high-quality accommodation, 24-hour care and full suite of premium services for those who are no longer able to live in their own home. At St. Judes, With our extensive service offering and a highly personalised service, the quality of nursing home care offered by St. Judes is unmatched.

Our Guildford aged care facility is suited to anyone who is eligible for residential aged care, including those requiring dementia and palliative care.

With well-designed facilities to cater for people with dementia and an in-house team of dementia experts, Guildford Village is one of the leading dementia-specific, high-care nursing homes in Perth.

We offer a plethora of in-house services, complemented by external services as well as a diverse activity and lifestyle programme.

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Our Aged Care Residence

Our residence is not simply contained within four walls. We have several spacious outdoor areas with beautiful gardens that create a calming, peaceful environment. Our residents use these spaces to enjoy quiet time to themselves, to emotionally recharge, to meditate or to chat with visitors and fellow residents. Our outdoor area is a hub for the various activities offered for the enjoyment of our residents.

As the facility is located adjacent to two parks, residents can take relaxing walks, are encouraged to chat with people from the local community, watch children play or just enjoy the views of the rose gardens and other outdoor delights. Our complimentary services, activities and lifestyle program support a commitment to providing quality of life for our residents.

Our purpose-built facility has three cluster homes, each accommodating up to 10 residents and designed to house a small group of people with their own living and dining areas. This configuration enables us to provide person-centred care in a homely environment while allowing residents to enjoy both privacy and independence in a communal setting.

Each home’s dining and living areas are equipped with modern, comfortable furniture, a flat screen television, a kitchen, audio equipment and air-conditioning. Reflecting the history and character of Guildford, the house provides a stylish nod to the past, showcasing beautiful antiques. Our common areas enjoy stunning views of landscapes that have been designed to promote visual and aromatic stimulus for residents.

Our aged care home’s distinctive and comparatively unified character is in part a product of the blend of architectural styles and settings of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Our residents and visitors can enjoy the surrounding scenery of Guildford as we are conveniently located near cafés, shopping centres and Swan Valley attractions.

These attributes make Guildford Village one of the most sought-after nursing homes in the Guildford area.

While we are recognised as one of the most popular aged care homes in Perth, we welcome a diverse community and our residents hail from a range of social and religious backgrounds.

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With a collection of clever, modern and intuitive designs and fittings on offer, our rooms are built to be spacious, with an ensuite overlooking the garden. While we provide top class furniture, our residents are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms. In particular, we recommend they display photographs, ornaments and favourite treasures to make them feel at home. All accommodation is based upon single bedroom occupancy for privacy and dignity.

Room features:

  • Remote-controlled, adjustable bed, fitted with a quality bedspread and bedding
  • Spacious ensuite
  • Large, built-in wardrobe
  • Comfy armchair
  • Lockable bedside table
  • Nurse call bell
  • Reverse-cycle air-conditioning unit.

We offer a range of in-house services, complemented by external services as well as a diverse activity and lifestyle program. Our residents have lots of options available to engage as much or as little as they like with our staff and other residents.

Accommodation services include:

  • Bed making
  • Laundry services
  • Cleaning and domestic supports
  • Four season menu
  • Special diets (cultural and prescribed diet options available)
  • Tea and coffee making facilities.
  • Nurse Call Systems
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Aged Care Home Options

Our aged care home packages are unique, as each is custom-designed to your specific requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a low-care nursing home, or a service-intensive, high-care option specialising in dementia, the friendly team at St. Judes are here to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs.

Aged Care Home Costs

The fees and charges for Guildford Village vary according to your individual circumstances and are determined by the Department of Health.

We recommend speaking to your Accountant, or Financial Adviser, and referring to the Government’s “My Aged Care” website to gauge an estimate of what your nursing home costs would be, but feel free to contact us if you want us to provide you with our fee schedule.

So if you’re in Perth, looking for ‘aged care homes near me,’ look no further! Contact the friendly team at St. Judes today to discuss your future.

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