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How Disability Home Care Can Assist You

Here at St Jude’s, we have an experienced and diverse support team, who provide NDIS registered in-home support services across Perth. Our support is designed to help someone living with a disability to complete day-to-day tasks in the home, so that they can work towards building their independence. We provide both in-home care for disabled adults, and in-home care for disabled children, to ensure everyone has the support they need to live a more carefree life. 

St Jude’s recognise that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to providing in-home support, which is why we ensure our team is diverse and experienced. It is of the utmost importance to us that you have the perfect compatibility with your support worker. They will then work closely with you to understand your interests and goals, so that you can build your individual skills, take part in activities you enjoy, and live as independently as possible.

Some of the support services St Jude’s can offer you include:

  • Individual Care
  • Health
  • Nursing
  • Domestic support: such as cleaning, washing, cooking and gardening

We always tailor these services to your individual preferences and requirements, to ensure you are receiving the most useful care possible. At St Jude’s your needs are always the main consideration, so in addition to weekday services, we are also available after hours and on weekends. We do not require minimum NDIS funding, and provide service to all suburbs in Perth and WA’s South West.

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The Importance Of Disability Home Care & Support

St Jude’s offers a range of disability home care services, so that both children and adults living with a disability can live a more fulfilling life. Especially for adults, disability in-home care can be the reason that they are able to live independently – which takes the pressure off their family members and also improves their personal well-being. If you receive St Jude’s home support services in Perth, then you’ll have a designated team member to support you, giving consistency of service from the same friendly faces. We will work with you to identify your goals and create a customised home support plan.

In-home support helps clients to build on their existing personal strengths while cultivating further skills that align with their goals and plan. Our flexible service means we can provide you with the amount of support that you require, whether it is a comprehensive plan or just a few things you need assistance with. It is entirely up to you.

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A Range Of In-home Disability Services

Here at St Jude’s, we offer comprehensive home support services in Perth to both adults and children living with a disability. We want to ensure that no matter your circumstances, you can live a full and independent life – which is why we have such a wide range of home support services. You will be able to choose the right services for your requirements, and pick the ideal combination for your needs. Even if you only need a little bit of assistance with home maintenance and gardening, we are here to help.

Our disability home care services include:

  • Personal Care and Support such as showering, dressing, using the toilet, grooming and personal administration
  • Domestic Support such as cleaning, washing and home maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Nursing which includes: first aid, wound care, and the management of medication, continence, behaviour and seizures
  • Meal and Food Support  including meal preparation and grocery shopping
  • Use of  Assistive Technology such as aids and appliances, hearing and communication devices
  • Additional Services – You can also access services including community participation, therapy, accommodation and support coordination.
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Why St Jude’s For Home Support Services In Perth?

  • Availability – We have no waitlists, so our teams are ready to begin your in-home care services immediately.
  • Locations – We offer our home support services across Perth and WA’s South West. 
  • Compatibility – Our team is diverse and experienced, which means our clients can find the support that best suits their needs, interests and goals.
  • Flexibility – Our support workers are available at all times, including after hours and weekends.
  • Diversity – We can work with a wide range of different individuals, thanks to our highly accessible vehicles, and extensive experience working with people with physical and psychosocial disabilities. St Jude’s can also work with non-English speaking clients because we are registered with the Translating and Interpreting (TIS) Service.
  • Mental Health Experience – St Jude’s have over 35 years of experience providing mental health support.

Funding For Disability Home Care

St Jude’s offers in-home care for disabled children and in-home care for disabled adults – if you have an NDIS funded plan, private funding or Medicare. All of our providers are registered with the NDIS, so you will definitely be eligible for our services if you have this funding. However, if you do not have an NDIS plan, and you are living with a disability, then our expert team can guide you through the application process.

Everyone who has a disability deserves to have access to the necessary assistance that will help them to participate in life, and achieve independence and freedom. If you would like help applying for NDIS funding, or need to learn more about our services, get in touch today.

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Our Testimonials

“Overall, we’ve been really happy with St Jude’s. They look after our son’s needs and the staff make him laugh.”

Greg, Accommodation Services Client

“My support workers are wonderful. They read me well, understand my needs and are informed and helpful.”

Tanya, Community Services Client

“I was extremely happy with my introduction to St Jude’s professional and experienced service. The service was delivered promptly and support was always at hand to navigate my way through the NDIS.”

Trudy, Support Coordination Services Client

“I was extremely happy with my introduction to St Jude’s professional and experienced service. The service was delivered promptly and support was always at hand to navigate my way through the NDIS.”

Patricia, Community and Therapy Services Client

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