Shared Management Programs

We ensure our clients have the same rights as other members of society to participate in, direct and implement the decisions which affect their lives.

Service coordination options allow us to tailor the therapies and services that our consumers receive to their individual and episodic needs. Within this context, individuals and families can choose to fully manage their own funding and service delivery regimes such as:

  • Support to interview and employ your own staff
  • Support to negotiate your own pay rates
  • Train your staff to work in a way that suits you
  • Manage your funds in your own account

Individuals and/or families can choose which activities they want to be involved in, how much involvement they would like and which activities they would prefer St Jude’s Services to manage, or alternatively use St Jude’s to deliver the support they require. A written agreement will be produced, based on the services requested, clearly outlining the roles and responsibilities of St Jude’s Services and the individual and/or family in the management of the individual’s funding and support activities.

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