Speech Pathology

St Jude’s team of speech pathologists work with clients to overcome challenges with all aspects of communication, understanding, such as social use of language, speech, pre-literacy skills. We also work with clients who could benefit from the development of social skills or who have difficulty swallowing or chewing food safely. 

Our team services children and adults in a variety of settings such as the home, schools  and within our various clinics. We work to provide you with confidence to increase your participation at work, school, social settings and in your local community.

The following describe some of the situations in which our Speech Pathologists may be engaged to provide you with support toward your goals 

  • If speech development milestones have not been reached during early years
  • Difficulty communicating and articulating using speech
  • Difficulty in social situations and communicating with peers
  • Individuals with pre-diagnosed special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing food or drinking
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Our Speech Pathologists undertake  assessments in order to devise meaningful treatment plans which align with the goal outcomes identified in your NDIS plan. At St Jude’s, we take a holistic approach to the provision of therapeutic support. We understand that challenges with communication  may give rise to additional challenges in other areas of life which prohibit independence and participation. Our therapists work closely together to recommend and provide the best support that will help you achieve your overarching goals. 

We maintain a close relationship with your support network as we recognise progress toward your goals requires the practise of learned skills and strategies outside of the clinic. Therefore, we actively engage with your family and carers throughout your program, even involving them to facilitate prescribed activities and exercises at home to support your plan outcomes. We are also able to identify where the need for assistive equipment or technology may be required in order to take part in your preferred activities with greater independence. 

To ensure we can provide the best service to clients, our team remains flexible through offering mobile services and appointment times. Our team is available for immediate services (no waitlists) and we do not require a minimum amount of NDIS funding to see new clients.

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Our Speech Pathologist team provides support to clients experiencing challenges including but not limited to:

  • Speech and articulation challenges such as lisps,  mispronunciation
  • Literacy skills: reading, writing and spelling
  • Communicating and understanding
  • Social Skills including problem solving, communicating turn taking, waiting, sharing
  • General use of voice. 
  • Lego Therapy Workshops for children with Autism ran during school holidays. Learn more here.

St Jude’s therapists are experienced to also providing:

  • Full functional assessments
  • Assessments, prescription and training in the use of equipment
  • Assessments, prescription and training in the use of assistive technology
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Why St Jude’s Disability Services

  • Immediate Availability – Our team is available to commence services immediately, which means no waitlists for those who require support. 
  • Locations – St Jude’s service all areas in metropolitan Perth and WA’s South West, with services provided in the comfort of your own home, your school or community to meet your requirements 
  • Experience – With over 35 years experience in providing disability and mental health support to our clients, St Jude’s are equipped to work with children and adults with specialist support needs.
  • Flexibility – We offer flexible appointment times and do not require a minimum NDIS funding amount to service new clients. St Jude’s are also registered with the Translating and Interpreting (TIS) Service, allowing us to work with non-English speaking clients
  • Mental Health Experience – St Jude’s have over 35 years experience in providing mental health support to our clients


As St Jude’s is a registered NDIS provider, our services  are available to those with NDIS funded plans. 

If you do not currently have an NDIS plan and are living with a disability and could benefit from assistance in your daily life, our dedicated team can guide you through the application and planning process.

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