Care Assisted Travel

Experience Flexibility and Freedom

Many elderly people are unable to travel independently, whether that is overseas, interstate, or just to the local doctor’s office. This can create quite a limiting lifestyle, and make simple tasks difficult to complete. Here at St Jude’s, our goal is to remove these obstacles, by offering care assisted travel services to help our aged clients travel to whatever destination they require.

One of our friendly nurses or support workers will accompany you on the journey, so that you can be assisted with any tasks which have limited you in the past – such as dietary intake, mobility, and personal care. This service enables you to experience the freedom of movement most people take for granted, and you will be able to attend any necessary appointments or even go on holiday.

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What is Care Assisted Travel?

Care assisted travel refers to when a travel companion, usually a nurse or support worker, accompanies someone on a trip – so that they can carry out activities that they would be unable to access on their own. The support worker could be assisting the person through providing transport to and from a destination, or their assistance could be required to help with social support and personal care tasks that are required for the trip. These journeys can be short, such as simply taking you to the shops or an appointment, or they could be for a longer holiday period.

Our Assisted Travel Options

St Jude’s offers assisted travel in Perth for a range of occasions. When you come to us, we will discuss the type of travel companion you need for the outing – whether that is a nurse to help with dietary intake and medication, or a support worker to assist with social support and organising your trip. Assistance with preparing for your trip is for longer getaways, and only if you need help with these tasks.

Your support worker can create an itinerary, and make all the necessary bookings to ensure your trip together is all taken care of. Another way that our care assisted travel can help is if you live in a rural community, and it’s difficult for you to travel all the way into the city for hospital or doctor appointments. If you just need help with a small journey, then you do not need to organise it very far in advance, just contact us the day before.

Our care assisted travel services can include:

  • Transport to outings/errands
  • Hospital, doctor and private appointments
  • Family gatherings (get-together)
  • Weddings/funerals
  • Birthdays and graduations
  • Escort on holidays
  • Escorts to and from rural homes to metro residences/appointments
  • Transport to local communities
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Choose St Jude’s For Assist Travel Perth

If you are someone who is in need of transport and support when going on outings – then please reach out to St Jude’s. The friendly team at St Jude’s can help you figure out the best possible strategy for your situation and whether other aged care services may also be of use for you.

To learn more about our care assisted travel options, get in touch with our knowledgeable staff today.

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