Domestic Assistance Aged Care

Essential Help With Daily Tasks

St Jude’s has been providing essential domestic care for our aged clients for more than 35 years. These services enable you to live a more fulfilled and independent lifestyle, by providing assistance with daily tasks that you may be unable to complete. Our expert team will work with you to develop a plan based on your specific needs. Once you outline your goals, we can help you reach them. Whether you need assistance with general household cleaning and tidying, or you require help with caring for your pets and transport to the shops – our domestic assistance aged care services will be able to fulfil these needs.

The benefits you can experience from receiving professional assistance with domestic tasks are boundless. When your house is neat and clean, it not only clears your mind and boosts your mental well-being, but you may also feel more comfortable inviting people over to your home. Also, because of these mood-boosting benefits, you might feel more encouraged to go out and engage in the community. You’ll have more time to spend with family, participating in the community, and on other activities you enjoy.

Another benefit is that when you can receive help with shopping and preparing meals, you can become healthier, and even save on costs. Our domestic assistance in aged care ensures you are taken care of, and you can decide which tasks to prioritise so that you can have the lifestyle which suits your interests and needs.

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General Domestic Task Support

Elderly people often require assistance with general domestic tasks which many people take for granted. A pet for instance, brings endless joy and love into the home, but if you cannot complete the tasks necessary to look after the animal then it stops being an option. Also, it can be difficult to have a well-balanced diet if you struggle to shop for yourself or cook full meals. Our pet care services, and services catering to the preparation of meals and transport to the shops, can fix all of these issues and enable you to live a happier, healthier life.

Our general domestic task assistance can include:

  • Assistance with pet care
  • Preparing shopping lists
  • Escort clients shopping
  • Preparation of simple meals
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Cleaning Assistance

Many people do not realise the amount of time that adds up completing all of your necessary household cleaning duties. It can be life-changing for our aged clients to receive assistance with cleaning their home, as it becomes a more welcoming, hygienic and pleasant space to live in. Our team will thoroughly clean whatever you require, and ensure that your home is hygienic and aesthetically appealing. These services can improve your well-being, relieve the stress associated with carrying out these tasks and allow you to fully enjoy being in your house.

Our cleaning assistance can include:

  • Cleaning bathrooms and toilets
  • Washing dishes
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Washing floors
  • Changing bed linen
  • Hang out laundry/ folding/ ironing
  • Cleaning out the fridge
  • Cleaning windows/ brushing down cobwebs
  • Taking out rubbish
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Accessing St Jude’s Domestic Assistance

Here at St Jude’s, our domestic assistance is available as part of our aged care services. If there are any other services or tasks that you need help with, the friendly team at St Jude’s can help to walk you through a suitable plan for you.

Our team is here to help you, so we encourage you to take the next step and reach out today.

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