Allied Health and Nursing

Comprehensive Allied Health and Nursing Services

St Jude’s is a trusted, experienced health care service, catering to all areas of Perth and the South West. We offer a wide variety of services, which our team of qualified professionals will tailor to your specific needs – including allied health and nursing services. Allied health refers to practitioners who are not nurses or doctors, but are trained in helping you manage your physical or mental health through diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. We have an expert team of allied health professionals who will build a custom combination of services for you, so you can work towards more independence and the achievement of your goals. Our nursing team are also dedicated and caring, and they cater for in-home nursing support needs, as well as looking after our aged care home residents and various other responsibilities.

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In-Home Nursing

One of the main types of nursing we provide is in-home nursing, and the aim of this service is to help clients with everyday personal care tasks and the supervision of at-home medical requirements. The work completed by our experienced nurses is vital for enabling those who have a disability or health difficulties to live a full and balanced life. By providing in-home nursing services, we can help you to remain independent, and you can retain the ability and motivation to engage in social activities in the community. Also, if you need temporary care after an accident, our in-home nursing service will support you in your recovery.

Our in-home nursing can include:

  • Wound care
  • Continence care
  • Clinical assessments and case management
  • Care planning
  • Medication administration

Allied Health

Our allied health professionals can assist with a range of health care services, such as helping someone with their rehabilitation after an injury, or providing support for those suffering from mental health problems. Allied health covers a wide range of professions, including psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. Our team uses a holistic approach, where they get to know you and find out what daily tasks you want to achieve. They will then use this information to determine the best allied health services for your specific requirements, so that the end outcome will align with your personal goals and interests.

Some of our allied health services are:

  • Dietitian to support and monitor diet
  • Occupational therapy & assessments
  • Community physiotherapy
  • Specialised Dementia Care Support
  • Palliative care support
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An Experienced Allied Health and Nursing Provider

St Jude’s has almost 40 years of experience providing reliable allied health and nursing services to clients across Perth and the South West. We truly care about our clients and aim to make their lives more fulfilling and enjoyable by creating custom-made plans for each person that comes to us. If you are looking for a caring nurse to provide some necessary in-home care, or you need the support and guidance of an experienced allied health practitioner – then St Jude’s is the right choice. Our team can explain all the services and pricing options, including how to access government subsidies – so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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