NDIS Therapy Service for People With Disability

Therapy and Allied Health Services For People With Disability

Here at St Jude’s, we have an experienced team of NDIS registered therapists who will work closely with you to help build your capacity and skills. Our aim is to provide the necessary support that enables you to live more independently and achieve your goals. St Jude’s is a trusted organisation with over 40 years of experience, and so you can rest assured that our team will help you successfully recover and grow in the way that you wish.

St Jude’s offers St Jude’s offer a broad variety of NDIS allied health and therapy services, which will work toward increasing capacity for independence and increased participation in the community.

Our therapists are all experts in their field, and can provide a range of therapy types depending on your specific needs – such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology and counselling, or speech pathology and allied health such as nursing, podiatry and dietician. Our therapy team at St Jude’s takes the time to get to know you, we find out your interests and goals in order to understand the kind of therapy and support you require. With a plan that is perfectly designed for your particular needs, you will be in the best position to achieve the outcomes devised in your plan.

NDIS Therapy and Allied Health Services

The NDIS therapy services at St Jude’s are varied, as we aim to have a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach when supporting NDIS participants. So as well as providing services like counselling and occupational therapy, we can also work with you to assess and prescribe equipment such as wheelchairs, transfer aids and assistive technology – such as operational switches, visual alerting systems and speech output devices. This equipment can make an enormous difference in your life, giving you freedom and assistance to lead a more fulfilling lifestyle. Our expert team can also prescribe and provide you with training surrounding how to use items safely, which then enables you to be as independent as possible.

Our NDIS therapy services offer a client-centred approach, as we are continually aiming to provide the best experience for clients of all ages. Some of the ways we are implementing this are through immediate service commencement, mobile services, tele-health, flexible appointment times and no minimum NDIS funding. We stay up-to-date with the changing needs of our clients, and are always improving our services to better cater for their new requirements. Our dedicated therapists offer their services to all suburbs in Perth, and we even can potentially provide fly in/fly out services across Western Australia – depending on the circumstances.

What Types Of Therapy Do We Provide?

Our experienced team of therapists can work with both adults and children  with disability, as we always strive to cater for every person – no matter their age. We will assess your individual situation and then we can undertake a variety of services, including full functional assessments, creating therapy plans and providing ongoing services. We currently have therapists available for appointments in Perth and regional areas of Western Australia, offering NDIS therapy services such as:

Our therapists will also work closely with you in order to identify whether you need any other services, for instance, assistive equipment and technology, or alternative and augmentative communication. Our therapists will thoroughly assess your needs, and then prescribe the best support and training.

Please refer to the individual therapy service pages listed above to learn more about our approach to each service and how our therapy team can support you to reach your goals.

Why St Jude’s For Disability Allied Health and Therapy Services?

  • Immediate Availability – Our team will be available to commence your therapy services immediately, which means there are no waitlists for anyone who requires support.
  • Locations – St Jude’s provides registered NDIS therapy services to all areas in metropolitan Perth and the South West – services can be provided in the comfort of your own home, your school, in our local clinical hubs, or community in order to meet your requirements.
  • Experience – With over 40 years of experience in providing disability therapy and allied health support to our clients, St Jude’s are equipped to work with children and adults with various specialist needs.
  • Flexibility– We offer flexible appointment times and do not require a minimum NDIS funding amount to take care of new clients.
  • Mental Health Experience -St Jude’s have over 40 years of experience in providing mental health support to our clients.
  • St Jude’s is also registered with the Translating and Interpreting (TIS) Service, allowing us to work with clients who do not speak English.


St Jude’s is a registered NDIS provider, and therefore our NDIS therapy services are available to those with an NDIS funded plan. We understand that the process of applying for funding can be complex and intimidating, and as someone living with a disability you have enough to deal with – so our dedicated team can guide you through the application and explain everything.

If you do not have an NDIS funded plan and could benefit from assistance in your daily life, get in touch with us today.

Our Testimonials

“Overall, we’ve been really happy with St Jude’s. They look after our son’s needs and the staff make him laugh.”

Greg, Accommodation Services Client

“My support workers are wonderful. They read me well, understand my needs and are informed and helpful.”

Tanya, Community Services Client

“I was extremely happy with my introduction to St Jude’s professional and experienced service. The service was delivered promptly and support was always at hand to navigate my way through the NDIS.”

Trudy, Support Coordination Services Client

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