Providing NDIS Disability Services in Perth and WA’s South West for Over 40 Years

Providing Disability Services in Perth and WA’s South West for over 40 Years

Providing Disability Services in Perth and WA’s South West for over 40 Years

NDIS Disability Support Services Across Perth & South West WA

St Jude’s is a quality NDIS service provider, offering an expansive range of disability services across the Perth metro area and WA’s South West.

St Jude’s is a leading provider of services for people with disability and psychosocial needs across Perth and Regional WA. For more than 40 years, we have been passionate about providing quality, diverse and flexible services which empower the people we support.

St Jude’s supports NDIS funded participants through the provision of the following services: Accommodation, Community participation, In-Home Support, Therapy, Allied Health and Support Coordination.

Our flexible service model allows us to work with you in your homes, St Jude’s home, our various facilities, in schools, work or in the community. We do not require a minimum NDIS funding and have recently expanded our team allowing us to commence our services with you immediately

Our Services

disability accommodation

Housing & Accommodation

We understand that access to permanent and secure accommodation with the feeling of “your own home” is one of the key challenges for people with disability.

Respite & Short-Term Accommodation

Respite & Short-Term Accommodation 

We highly recognise the contribution and needs of families and carers who regularly support individuals at home.

In-Home Support Nursing Care

In-Home Support 

This support is designed to assist or supervise you with day-today tasks in the home to work toward building your independence.

Community Participation

Community Participation

We support you to participate in the activities you love within your community. This includes education, hobbies, work, social events and transport.

Registered NDIS Provider in Perth Giving Care to Child

Allied Health and Therapy Services

Using our clinical expertise, we work with the individual to conduct assessments, set goals, create support and implement plans to support people to live as independently as possible.

Disability Services and Support Coordination

Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinators can help you to get the best out of your NDIS plan. We work with you to empower you to source, access and co-ordinate your supports.

recovery coach

Recovery Coach

Our Recovery Coaches can work closely with you and your support team to help make improvements in your decision making process and management of daily challenges that you may be presented with in your life.

Who We Help

We provide support to people with disability (including psycho-social disability) with NDIS funding. If you do not currently have an NDIS plan, and you are living with a disability and could benefit from assistance in your daily life, our dedicated team can guide you through the application and planning process.

Do you relate to any of the below?  If so, contact us today.

  • Are you struggling to find suitable housing or accommodation?
  • Are you looking for accessible housing?
  • Are you looking for a mentor or support worker to help you connect to your local community?
  • Do you need help with household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, domestic duties, personal care, shopping etc.?
  • Are you wanting to learn new skills?
  • Are you looking for recreational activities in the community?
  • Do you need assistance in finding a job or help in setting up your own micro-business?
  • Are you looking for a therapist or clinical support?
  • Are you in any form of crisis?
  • Are you a parent or carer looking for disability support for your family member?
  • Do you need help communicating?

Why Choose Us?

Our expertise in support services for people with disability is reflected in over 40 years of service provision, while consistently maintaining the highest of standards.

With St Jude’s, it’s possible to achieve your life goals ‒ whether it’s finding a new house, participating in the community, developing new skills, finding a job, or support with therapy services. Providing support services for both children and adults, we can offer services to all people regardless of your disability.

And this is why we are recognised as one of WA’s most trusted and flexible disability support organisations for delivering NDIS funded services.

We are flexible with our approach to meet your support needs | We give you absolute control over your choice of lifestyle | More importantly, we listen to you……

  • Availability
    Our team are available for immediate services which means no waitlists

  • Locations

    St Jude’s Disability Team service all locations in Perth and WA’s South West. We are available to conduct our services in a variety of settings including the comfort of your own home, school, work, the community and one of our clinics.

  • Flexibility
    Our team is available to provide support at all times, including after hours and on weekends. We also do not require a minimum funding amount from the NDIS

  • Breadth of Services
    St Jude’s are truly a one stop shop for providing Disability Services. This takes the hassle out of liaising with multiple service providers and allows us to provide more holistic, thorough support.

  • Client Compatibility
    Our clients and their experience are central to what we do. Ensuring our team remains diverse and experienced allows you to find a support worker you best align with.

  • Mental Health
    St Jude’s has over 40 experience providing mental health support and are well equipped to support NDIS funded individuals manage their psychosocial needs.

  • Client Outcomes
    Our team keeps your goals top of mind when providing support and continually monitors your progress and ensures you are making the most of your NDIS funding.

Our Testimonials

“Overall, we’ve been really happy with St Jude’s. They look after our son’s needs and the staff make him laugh.”

Greg, Accommodation Services Client

“My support workers are wonderful. They read me well, understand my needs and are informed and helpful.”

Tanya, Community Services Client

“I was extremely happy with my introduction to St Jude’s professional and experienced service. The service was delivered promptly and support was always at hand to navigate my way through the NDIS.”

Trudy, Support Coordination Services Client


National Disability Insurance Scheme

St. Judes is a registered NDIS service provider in Perth WA, helping people with disability to live the life they want to live.

Our NDIS disability services are designed to help develop and build on your abilities and interests, enhance your social and life skills, and help you to live an independent, fulfilling life.

Our expansive service suite spans in-home and personal care, therapy services, community participation, accommodation, disability employment services, and everything in between. Our support coordinators are also experts in the NDIS and can help you understand, source and manage your plan and supports to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goals.

St Jude’s Disability Services are available to individuals with NDIS funding. If you do not have an NDIS plan and are living with disability, contact us to learn how we can guide you through the application process.

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP)

From 1 July 2019, Providers of attendant care and community and centre based activities have access to temporary transformation payment (TTP) prices.

The TPP is a conditional loading. It aims to help providers with any costs incurred during transition to the NDIS. The TPP starts at 7.5 % on the relevant level 1 support item and reduces by 1.5% each year.

Our prices are in line with the NDIA Price Guide which can be found by visiting the NDIS website here.

“Our experience in service delivery is reflected through over 40 years of providing services and consistently maintaining the highest standards.”

Get In Touch

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