Service Pricing

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) Summary

The TTP is a conditional loading introduced by the NDIS in the 2019/2020 financial year. It is designed to assist service providers with costs to transition to the NDIS. Each applicable non-TTP service item has a matching TTP item with a higher price limit. The difference in price limits reduces by 1.5% each financial year after the 2019/2020 financial year.

For the 2023/24 financial year, the TTP rate was set at 1.5% above the rates that St Jude’s charge for the services we provide. The price charged for a specific service cannot be larger than the price limits set in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2023/2024 (effective 1 July 2023).

Our services are priced in line with the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2023/2024, which can be located HERE.