Clinical Mental Health Services

Comprehensive, Professional Health Care
Here at St Jude’s, we provide clients all around Perth and WA’s South West with comprehensive, clinical mental health care services. Our full range of services cover an extensive area, including: clinical, medical and allied health services – which can be provided both in-house or through external centres. Our services care for a range of people, including aging citizens, those suffering from mental health illnesses, or people living with a disability. We work with you to develop a combination of services that suit your needs and will help you achieve your goals – with our plan you will be working towards a more enjoyable and fulfilled lifestyle.

St Jude’s has been established for over 35 years, and our team are all highly qualified in their given areas, whether that is nursing, support work, or as an expert health practitioner. So, you can trust that we are a reliable health provider, and you are in safe, knowledgeable hands.

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General Health Services

Our general health services are essential for providing clients with the everyday support they require to live a functional and pleasant life. The nursing team is indispensable, and carry out important work in our aged care facilities, provide care for clients at home, and complete essential services which change peoples’ lives. Our doctors are experienced, knowledgeable, and important for looking after clients’ general wellbeing. We also have an excellent team of support workers who provide emotional and physical support and companionship to people suffering from all kinds of disabilities.

How our general health team can assist you:

  • Clinical Coordinator – An experienced registered nurse coordinates the clinical care and develops a care plan with residents to tailor their specific needs alongside regular consultation from medical practitioners and families.
  • Support Work Staff – Qualified support workers provide 24 hour care to our residents.
  • General Practitioner – Residents have a choice from our doctors that visit the facility on a routine basis. Residents may retain their preferred medical practitioner.
  • Pharmaceutical services – All our pharmaceutical supplies are ordered through Greg’s Discount Pharmacy.
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Specialised Health Services

Our specialised health services are the best way for clients to experience improvement and rehabilitation. By engaging in these specialised services, with qualified experts in each field, they can focus on the issue that is really holding them back and work to create change. If a client is in recovery from an injury, then services such as physiotherapy and massage therapy can be invaluable to the process. Other services like speech pathology can assist people with a wide range of disabilities, such as learning or intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy, or issues caused from dementia, stroke, or injury.

How our specialised health team can assist you:

  • Massage therapy – Visits can be arranged following a consultation from a resident’s medical practitioners.
  • Podiatry – A visiting podiatrist provides regular services to our residents and develops a care plan for ongoing maintenance of foot care.
  • Speech pathology – Requests for speech pathology are available on a consultancy basis.
  • Dietician – Request for a dietician review is available on a consultancy basis.
  • Physiotherapy – Our team of physiotherapists provide comprehensive initial and ongoing assessments and contribute to the care plan development.
  • Pathology services – Requests for a pathology service are available on a consultancy basis.
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Choose a Reliable, Experienced Health Provider

St Jude’s can offer our clinical mental health services, disability services, and aged care options for anyone on NDIS funding. Do not worry if you are not on NDIS funding, because our friendly team will help you work out if you are eligible, and if you are not, then we can try and find another avenue for you to access our services.

If you are eligible, we can even walk you through the application process and ensure it goes smoothly. We are committed to making sure everyone living with a disability can receive the professional care they need to have a fulfilled life. To learn more about our clinical services, get in touch today.

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