Message from the Managing Director

Once again we find ourselves entering another Covid lockdown. From 6pm tonight (April 23), masks are mandatory with the full lockdown commencing at midnight. The Perth metro and Peel regions will be in lockdown for the next 3 days.  The people in these regions are required to stay home unless they are leaving for essential services. Aged care and disability services are considered as essential services. Thus, an employee of St Jude’s or Carers Plus will be exempted from the restrictions.

I personally request your ongoing support to ensure our services run smoothly as we did a couple of months ago in February.. The management and I will ensure that you are provided with the necessary support during this difficult time.

I would like you to assist us in implementing the following guidelines in our service operations:

For clients and visitors to accommodation settings
No visitors are permitted to enter our aged care facility, hostel and disability group homes unless they are an essential medical service provider or the visit is on compassionate grounds.

  • Residents are not allowed to leave the premises unless on medical grounds.
  • All residents will be provided with their essential needs by support staff and management team.
  • All visitors (only if they are an essential visitor should be given entry) must register on the visitor’s book with their name, date, time and phone number.

Social, Home & Community, and Allied Health Services

  • We will be continuing with all essential  services including home care, allied health nursing and accommodation support work, unless the client advises us they do not want services.

Carers Plus

  • Carers Plus services will continue to operate as usual unless our Clients cancel their services.
  • We will be limiting staff movement between clients and various sites.
  • Staff are expected to report any concerns by calling us on 9279 3200.

 For Staff

  • Staff members are required to closely monitor clients for any Covid-19 symptom and immediately report any concerns to their supervisor.
  • Staff are required to wear mask during the entire shift (clients are not required to wear unless they chose to do so).
  • The management is required to maintain Covid -19 health register for staff and clients those who are reporting any symptoms of flu or Covid 19.


  • Offices are closed over the long weekend. We will provide a further update on Monday April 26.

I have great faith in our public system and I am confident with all of our help WA will be safe again. As always, I greatly appreciate your commitment to us.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

Binu Joseph | Managing Director

Binu Joseph