International Nurses Day: Meet Manpreet, St Jude’s Community Nurse 

In celebration of International Nurses Day on May 12th, we interviewed our Community Nurse, Manpreet, about the amazing work she does every day for our clients across both Disability and Aged Care services.


Manpreet’s Journey  

Manpreet’s journey into nursing began in 2007, inspired by her father, a healthcare professional whose dedication to helping others planted the seeds of passion for caring in her from a young age.  

“Seeing the difference that he made in people’s lives made me want to pursue a healthcare career,” Manpreet recalls. Her nursing degree opened her eyes to the many ways in which nursing touches lives, solidifying her resolve to work within the healthcare field. 

Nursing – More than a Profession 

In 2016, Manpreet joined St Jude’s, drawn by the organisation’s commitment to community nursing – a field that not only offered flexibility in shifts but also a diverse range of client interactions. 

Over the past four years, her role at St Jude’s has deepened her understanding and appreciation of the unique challenges faced within the NDIS sector. Manpreet notes the importance of being mindful of the varying needs in the community and credits her supportive management team at St Jude’s for making her feel valued and directed. 

Client Centered Care 

When asked about the most rewarding aspects of her work, Manpreet states “You earn the wages, but you also receive the blessings of seeing client improvements”, highlighting the dual rewards of her profession. 

She speaks with pride about the real impact she makes on her clients’ lives, whether they are bedbound or living with physical or psychosocial disability. Each visit can turn around someone’s day and make it brighter, underscoring the essential, life-altering work that nurses do each and every day. 

The diversity of her clients, ranging from seniors experiencing age-related issues to those with disabilities requiring overnight care, demands a high degree of empathy and openness. “Every single individual is different, and they all come from different walks of life – you cannot box them in based on their needs,” Manpreet explains. This diversity requires a nurse to see each person as unique, challenging her to tailor her caring approach to meet their specific needs without preconceptions. 


Working at St Jude’s 

For those considering a career in nursing, Manpreet offers her encouragement.  

“This is a very comfortable team environment that we work in at St Jude’s. Over the past 4 years, I have not doubted for a single day whether I should be working here or thought about working elsewhere” she remarks. 

Mentioning the supportive team environment, flexibility of work, and continued encouragement from management as key factors for her continued growth and success in her role, “You won’t regret joining St Jude’s,” she concluded. 

Manpreet’s story is a testament to the profound, multifaceted impact of nurses in community health settings. Through her commitment, empathy, and skilled care, she not only upholds the legacy of her father’s passion for healthcare but also enriches the lives of those she serves, making her an indispensable part of the St Jude’s community. 


Thank you, Manpreet, for sharing your experiences with us and for the incredible work that you do for our clients. 

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