The Swans Nest Sensory Tent | Focus and Learn with us

St Jude’s Occupational Therapist Chenae will be running an exciting Sensory Tent for children over the coming weeks.

What is the ‘Swans Nest’?

The Swans Nest or sensory tent located at Swans home games during football season. It is a place to visit if you, a family member, or a friend are feeling overwhelmed and need a safe place to calm and refocus. You can also visit to have fun, explore different sensory items, have a chat to the team or ask about support services.

The Swans Nest is located in the Kids Zone, away from the hustle and bustle to offer a quiet and relaxed space.

Swans Nest Sensory Tent

Who organises the tent?

Chenae Yeo is an Occupational Therapist at St Jude’s Disability Services.  Chenae has experience supporting children with Autism and also has a 9 year old daughter and sister with disability. She is passionate about supporting and advocating for others and promoting a world of equality. 

Eliza Outred is a Deputy Principal at Caversham Primary School and Chair of Disability Advocacy Inclusion Sub Committee (DAIS). DAIS provide the podiums that athletes stand on top of when receiving their medals. Eliza is passionate about inclusivity and closing the gap and is also a mother of a person with disability.

The Swans Nest look after children with all abilities and believe they can stand on the podium of life to receive their medals of courage, hope and excellence in their resilience and attitude to life.

How does The Swans Nest benefit children?

The Swans Nest have partnered with Kites Therapy who provide us with the sensory equipment. Each week the Swans Nest will be organised differently but with similar activities to meet different sensory needs. This includes an obstacle course and a chill zone. Anyone is welcome and you are free to explore, talk or just chill out  

As the Swans Nest is located away from the hustle and bustle it offers a quiet and relaxed place if you are feeling overwhelmed. You may find it beneficial to chill out and refocus in a safe space and return to watching the Footy when ready.  Further information is available at the Swans Nest so pay us a visit. We also welcome feedback to improve our Swans Nest each year

The Swans District Football Club is located at Old Perth Road, Steel Blue Oval, Bassendean WA 6054. The Swans Nest is located in the Kids Zone near the Sausage Sizzle Stand. It will be open and ready to use each year and during Swans Football home games between 1pm to 4pm on the following dates:

  • 1st August
  • 22nd August
  • 5th September

We look forward to seeing you at The Swans Nest.

Swans Nest Sensory Tent