Meet the Team | Psychosocial Recovery Coach Coordinator Chrissy Camp 

St Jude’s is very pleased to welcome Chrissy Camp as our Psychosocial Recovery Coach Coordinator. Here is your chance to get to know Chrissy and what drives her as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach. 

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What made you decide to work as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach?

After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and working within the space of mental health I knew I wanted to work alongside and encourage individuals to find meaning and purpose. As a result, I wanted to work in a space where I could encourage individuals to have a voice and autonomy over their life. I also wanted to influence other professionals to do the same with service users. To be able to navigate better health outcomes with the service user, where the individual is the expert in their own life and journey.

What is the highlight of working as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach for you?

Seeing individuals find confidence in themselves.  They can then begin to have choice and control over their life. Watching a person grow into who they are and begin to believe in themselves. It is one of the most privileged and rewarding areas of my role.

Can you share an achievement you’ve experienced in your career?

Having the opportunity to lead and mentor the Recovery Coaching team at St Jude’s.

What is something you have enjoyed about working at St Jude’s so far?

Working within an incredible team who are just as passionate as I am about mental health.  Encouraging consumers to have choice and control.

Can you provide a snapshot into what a day at work looks like for you?

Every day is unique. From listening to and encouraging a service user to navigate their own journey. By assisting them to work towards their personal goals, talking with families and other service providers. Teaching and mentoring my team to advocating on behalf of the service user to find more opportunities for choice and control. One of the most privileged parts of my role is when a person allows me into their vulnerabilities and shares their experience with me, this is truly an honour.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: 

I spent six months caravanning around Australia with my husband and four children, and I would do it again!

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To work with Chrissy or speak with our Psychosocial Recovery Coach team, contact us on (08) 9279 4343 or email To find out more about how a Psychosocial Recovery Coach can assist you visit our Psychosocial Recovery Page webpage or check out the information provided by the NDIS here.

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