Meet the Team | Psychosocial Recovery Coach Niloofar Badhar

St Jude’s would like to welcome Niloofar Badhar as part of our Psychosocial Recovery Coach team. Here is your chance to get to know Niloofar (Nilly) and what drives her as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach. 

psychosocial recovery coach Niloofar

What made you decide to work as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach?

I am a psychology masters student who has shown interest within mental health from a very young age. I started off with volunteering at Perth Children’s Hospital and studying my Bachelor of Psychology. This has given me an insight and provided knowledge that can help individuals with mental disability. Recovery Coach is a hands on experience that I have had the opportunity to explore with. Recovery Coach can enhance an individual’s experience and help them reach their full potential, both mentally and physically.

What is the highlight of working as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach for you?

The interaction with clients would be my highlight as this helps me to understand them better and provide support and opportunities that can often help with their strengths and barriers.

Can you share an achievement you’ve experienced in your career?

A mother of a client had mentioned that I created an immense positive change within 2 months of being with the client. She articulated that it was hard for her son to communicate and have the motivation to reach his goals. These goals are in progress as I provided resources that are beneficial for the client to reach the end goal.

What is something you have enjoyed about working at St Jude’s so far?

The flexibility of working from home but also being out in the field and building relationships with clients. This relationship can build trust and comfort over time, which is a huge part of recovery.

Can you provide a snapshot into what a day at work looks like for you?

My day is a mix of being out and about visiting clients, catching up with the Recovery Coach team and working from my desk.  My desk at home consists of laptop, case notes and research. As well as my succulent plant to keep me company!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: 

I love dancing!

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To work with Niloofar or speak with our Psychosocial Recovery Coach team, contact us on (08) 9279 4343 or email To find out more about how a Psychosocial Recovery Coach can assist you visit our Psychosocial Recovery Page webpage or check out the information provided by the NDIS here.

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